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Big Mouth Billy Bass


Big Mouth Billy Bass is the extremely popular singing fish plaque made by Gemmy industries in 1999. He's given the allusion to look like an ordinary large mouth bass taxidermized on a wooden plaque. When activated, he flaps his tail and turns his head outward and moves his mouth and sings Take Me To The River and Don't Worry, Be Happy.


  • There are many other singing fish which are given a similarity to Big Mouth Billy Bass.
  • Big Mouth Billy Bass has been featured in many movies and articles.
  • In 2009, Gemmy industries, the creator of this item, made an application for this item where you can interact with him.
  • In 2014, Gemmy industries celebrated 15 years of Big Mouth Billy Bass by making a 15 year edition of the item.
  • The 2021 version of Big Mouth Billy Bass had Don't Worry, Be Happy replaced with Hunting, Fishing, Loving Everyday.

Big Mouth Billy Bass by Gemmy industries

Big Mouth Billy Bass in action