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Jingle Pals are a series of animated plush scenes made by Hallmark. A new one has been released every year since 2003, except for 2009, where a piano playing Snoopy figure was sold instead. These scenes feature snowmen that sing and sway to classic Christmas carols.


Snowman Carolers.jpeg

The first Jingle Pals was called the "Caroling Snowmen". It consists of a snowman and a snowwoman who sway and sing a duet of "We Wish You A Merry Christmas."


2004 Jingle Pals we’re (a snowman and a dog named Twiggles). The snowman sings "Jingle Bells" and Rex barks along. As they sing, the snowman sways side-to-side and the dog wags his tail and ears. They also shake to ring bells on their hat and collar.


2005's was a snowman seated at a piano. The snowman sings and plays along to a medley of "Let It Snow", "Jingle Bell Rock", and "Holly Jolly Christmas" as the piano lights up.


In 2006, the "Very Merry Trio" was released. It features a snowman and two penguins in front of a Christmas tree. The characters sing "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" as the snowman sways, the penguin on the left's tail wags, and the penguin on the right's wings flap. As they sing, the tree also lights up.


2007's Jingle Pal was a (snowman, dog and a penguin) all sitting on a sled. The snowman sings "Sleigh Ride" and sways, the penguin sings backup and shakes, and Rex barks along and sways.


2008's Jingle Pal was called "Season's Treatings". It consists of two snowmen surrounded by various cookies and candies. They sing a song about Christmas desserts to the tune of The Nutcracker's Russian Dance.


After a year's hiatus, the Jingle Pals continued in 2010 with the "Trimming the Tree" scene. It features a snowman using a candy cane to lift a penguin up to the top of a Christmas tree so it can put the star on. The snowman moves up and down and side to side as the duo sing "We Need A Little Christmas". Also, the tree and star light up with the music.


2011's Jingle Pal was the "Deck The Halls Duo". It features a (snowman and a dog named Rex) who sits in a doghouse decorated with lights. They sing and bark to "Deck The Halls" and the doghouse lights up.


2012 saw the release of the "Swooshing Duo". It features a snowman and a penguin on skis. They wobble around on their base as they sing a parody of "Jingle Bells" about skiing.


In 2013, to honor the 10th. Anniversary of the Jingle Pals series, Hallmark released the “Merry Carolers Trio." It consists of a snowman on the left, a candy cane lamppost with lights on it and a Cardinal on top of it, and a dog (named Rex) on the right with a green Santa hat. The snowman sways side to side and the lights on the lamppost light up as they sing and bark to “We Wish You A Merry Christmas“.


In 2014, ”The Perfect Tree“ was released. The scene has 3 snowmen a (Santa snowman and 2 snowmen) carrying a Christmas Tree. The sign in the front with lights on it reads, “Perfect Pine Tree Farm”. They sway back and forth to a parody of “Up on the Housetop”.


2015’s Jingle Pal was the “Time for Cookies”. It features a (little snowboy, a dog named Rex, and a snowwoman) is wear a apron with a Christmas Tree on it and Rex is standing on the snowgirl’s side. The snowgirl sway in and out and sing and bark to a parody of “Deck the Halls”.


2016’s Jingle Pal was the “Twinkling Sleigh Ride”. The scene features 2 snowmen, (a little snowboy and a snowman) on a sleigh. The sleigh has lights on the front that light up and flash to the music. The snowmen sway back and forth as they sing a parody of “Here We Come A Caroling."


2017’s Jingle Pal is called “Stockings hung with Care”. It consists of a snowman in the center hanging stockings, 2 candy canes on each side with a string going from one to another, and (the dog named Rex and a snowman in the front left wearing a green scarf. The candy canes light up when activated and the snowman sways at it sings and Rex barks to a parody of “Jolly Old St. Nicholas”.


In 2018, Hallmark made the “Special Delivery” to honor 15 years of the “Jingle Pals“ series. This version features a Santa snowman and a 2 snowmen as children. There is also a red mailbox on the left. The Santa snowman holds a mail bag and the snowman holds his letter for Santa. They sway as the mailbox lights up and they sing a parody of ”Up on the Housetop“.


2019’s Jingle Pal was the “Storytime Snowman”. The scene features a snowman and a snowgirl again, (a boyfriend and a girlfriend and a dog named Rex). The snowman couple are wearing pajamas and they are holding a book that says “The Night Before Christmas” on the front. They sway back and forth as they sing and bark to a parody of "Russian Dance" from The Nutcracker and read a small segment of “The Night Before Christmas”. The snowman couple is back


2020’s Jingle Pal is called “Cozy Christmas Selfie Snowman“. This version features the same characters from 2019, (snowman, little snowboy and a dog named Rex). snowman is in the middle, the snowboy is in the front , Rex is in the snowman’s right arm and the child is holding the camera. The snowmen are wearing sweaters and hats. They dance and pause to take a picture while singing and barking to a parody of “Jingle Bells”.


2021 Jingle Pal is called "Tangled Up In Lights". It features a snowman and a snow boy decorating a Christmas tree. The snowman is wearing a Santa hat and the snow boy is wearing a toboggan and is tangled up in lights. They sing a parody of "Oh Christmas Tree".