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They are 8 stuffed toys by from the early 2000s that fart, vibrate and utter messages in funny voices when they are activated.

The Gassy Grandpa Pig

The Fat Cat

bad bad dog

Gas family dog poppa

Whoopie Cushion Wally

Gassy Tooting Grandma

Gassy Tooting Grandpa

The Gassy Tooting Grandma Cow

Large Ones

These stuffed animals cost $18 each and sat in chairs. Each one had an educational "Who passes gas?" booklet and said 11 funny messages each, totaling 44 messages. They make jokes, vibrate and fart when their thumbs are pressed.

The Gassy Tooting Grandma Cow includes phrases including "Now that's rock 'n' roll!" Her voice, curlers and floral dress are the same as The Gassy Tooting Grandma stuffed doll.

The Gassy Tooting Grandpa Pig has the same voice as the Gassy Tooting Grandpa doll includes these 11 fun phrases:

  1. "Gas here, get your free gas here!"
  2. "All right, who did that?"
  3. "What's up?"
  4. "What died inside?"
  5. "That was a 7.9 on the Richter scale!"
  6. "Clear the room!"
  7. "I don't remember eating that."
  8. "That's nice."
  9. "I swear it wasn't me."
  10. "Was that you?"
  11. "Smells like roses."

The Fat Cat had a little grey mouse sidekick, a green chair and blue slippers as well as the same voice, mouth, eyebrows, eyes and shirt as Whoopie Cushion Wally. He farts, vibrates and says these 11 phrases:

  1. "Boy, I ate right!"
  2. "Ooh! That's gonna leave a mark."
  3. "Houston, we have a problem!"
  4. "Don't pull my finger!"
  5. "Ha-ha! Was that you?"
  6. "Hey! Stop braggin' back there!"
  7. "That's a number 4 supersize!"
  8. "Keep going, sir! We'll find ya."
  9. "Oh, that's nice."
  10. "Ha-ha. That one tickles!"
  11. "MM-mm-MM-MM-mm! Smells like roses!"

The Bad, Bad Doggie Papa had the same voice and looks as his smaller counterpart, but with a red chair and 11 hilarious wisecracks rather than 6, including "(laughs) How do you like me now?" and "Hey, stop back there!"

  1. "(laughs) How do you like me now?"
  2. "Hey, stop bragging back there!"
  3. Yes sir!
  4. Oh behave!
  5. For the love of God, somebody open a window!
  6. (SNIFF) Mmmm, the smell of victory!
  7. Ooh, hope today's laundry day.
  8. (Laughs) That one tickled.
  9. Ooh, smells like roses.
  10. Ooh, yeah!
  11. Ooh, that's nice!

Small Ones

These 10" tall stuffed toys used to be sold at GetSilly in Long Beach, New York for $10 each or on Speaktomecatalog Washington, costing $30 for all of them. Each one said 6 fun wisecracks, totaling 24 in all. The activation was by pressing their extended finger, but they only farted and talked.

Whoopie Cushion Wally had a cartoony redneck voice and uttered 6 fun phrases like "Houston, we have a problem!"

The Bad, Bad Dog Papa had an English accent and uttered these 6 fun phrases:

  1. Oh, behave!
  2. For the love of God, someone open a window!
  3. Yes, sir!
  4. (SNIFF) Mmmm, the smell of victory!
  5. Ooh, hope today's laundry day.
  6. (Laughs) That one tickled.

The Gassy Tooting Grandpa had an elderly male voice and uttered fun phrases such as "I swear it wasn't me."

The Gassy Tooting Grandma had an elderly female voice and spoke fun phrases including "(SNIFF) Ooh, smells like roses."